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as lame as this sounds but whatev. fuck you ... LISTEN UP BITCHES!

I hadn't done this, but whatev. These are the newest additions to our
loyal and yet humble crew known as NPC.

Amanda. (since mid summer)
Ryan. (since mid summer)
Kolby. (since the fall)
Paul. (since fall/winter)
Matt Frank. (since winter)
and JJ a.k.a. Justin Jonas (since winter)

That is all.

If anyone has any objections or anything else to add, comment.
We need to let others know about how deep xNPCx is, and what it means to us.
It's more than just some fucking popularity contest or "to be cool" or whatever
the fuck or to get guys or girls. We're not some fucking high school clique. We're a
goddamn family of friends from North Phx who are in fact SXE who stand side by side.

All newbies must be talked about within NPC as a whole not as a few indivduals.
That is all. Thank you for your time brothers and sisters.

x <3 x
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